spice up your walls

For modern or bold interiors, for a cool accent or a subtle touch... the Inspiro wall tiles will spice up any room! Elegant, waterproof and easy to install, these wall tiles do so much more than simply provide a beautiful look.

less house, more home

wall tiles

perfect for wet rooms

Inspiro wall tiles are 100% waterproof. These PVC tiles are therefore a logical choice for wet rooms such as a bathroom.  

fast + easy

tongue & groove

Installation is fast and easy without drying times and without having to grout again. You can glue directly onto existing tiles because time-consuming demolition work is not necessary with Inspiro.


only 3.6 mm thick

Since Inspiro tiles are built from fully solid and UV-resistant sheets, they have high impact resistance and colourfastness. Moreover, nothing is wasted in the unique production process: the panels are fully recyclable.

so many possibilities

Which look do you want to create? Let yourself be inspired by our extensive range and choose your favourite style and colour.

inspiro bright W36070B09
42 x 70 x 0,36 cm
inspiro bloom W36070962
42 x 70 x 0,36 cm
inspiro shine W36070B15
42 x 70 x 0,36 cm
inspiro spring W36070B06
42 x 70 x 0,36 cm
inspiro vague W36070B07
42 x 70 x 0,36 cm
inspiro aura W36070914
42 x 70 x 0,36 cm
inspiro mist W36070956
42 x 70 x 0,36 cm
inspiro fog W36070031
42 x 70 x 0,36 cm
inspiro twilight W36070B05
42 x 70 x 0,36 cm
inspiro shade W36070959
42 x 70 x 0,36 cm
inspiro night W36070030
42 x 70 x 0,36 cm
inspiro dark W36070847
42 x 70 x 0,36 cm

42 x 70 x 0.36 cm - 7 tiles per pack or 2.06 m²

perfect finish

W09 U-edging profile
W10 universal corner
W04 internal corner
W05 outer corner L-profile

Inspiro, of course!

  • waterproof
  • tongue and groove
  • UV-resistant
  • strong
  • gluing fast and easy

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